Care and Cleaning

The leather and suede are natural materials and may present slight variations in color and texture. Our products are made of bovine hide and pigskin - from the food industry, that is, solid waste that would otherwise be discarded into the environment are reused for the production of our DURO sneakers/sneakers - with different types of processes and finishes. Skin is an extremely durable and resistant article if treated with care and attention.


  • To clean your skin sneakers/HARD shoes use only a clean, dry cloth;
  • Never wash them in washing machines, as they have a strong abrasion and moisture process, which can damage your shoes/sneakers HARD;
  • If necessary, dampen the cloth in water and clean them without rubbing the surface.
  • To use chemicals, look for specific products in specialized homes – there are cleansers and moisturizers that can prolong the life of your shoes/HARD shoes;
  • If your sneakers/HARD leather sneakers come in contact with water, dry at room temperature;
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or any other heat source - the skin can “burn” and lose its original features;
  • Store and transport in the original packaging – the fabric bag that comes with your shoes/HARD shoes – never use a plastic bag;
  • Be careful with sharp objects, friction can “hurt” the skin or suede removing its finishing surface layer;
  • Never use adhesive tapes on the surface of the skin or suede - they can remove the finishing layer and leave irreparable marks on your sneaker/HARD shoe.


  • Suede is more fragile than the skin and can stain if it comes in contact with water or other chemicals;
  • Use only a dry cloth or soft bristle brush to clean your suede HARD sneaker/shoe – brush towards the fiber;
  • It is possible to find in specialized houses products that waterproof and help in cleaning the suede, seek help from a professional.