Social and Environmental Responsibility

The DURO brand has social and environmental responsibility as one of its main values. With this, we seek to have the best product with quality, design and comfort, associated with the environmental pillar of sustainability, especially with regard to solid waste management, because by using animal skins from human consumption that would be discarded, we contribute to the transformation of solid waste into raw material for the shoe industry.

We aim to carry out the environmental compensation inherent to the development of our projects, given our commitment to the society in which we operate, as well as to support Portugal in achieving the goal of reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, and to achieve these goals In october 2021, the DURO brand entered into a partnership with Quercus - National Association for Nature Conservation, founded in 1985 and the Group for the Recovery of Indigenous Forests and Fauna of Portugal.

This partnership consists of financing the acquisition, planting and maintenance of 01 (one) tree for each pair of sneakers sold, through the CREAR WOODS project managed by Quercus.

To know the details of this project, see the official page https://criarbosques.wordpress...